Welcome to HB!

Hamilton Background
Welcome to Hamilton Background, where we seek to be more than just an agency; a community.

Our mandate is “local jobs for local talent,” meaning that keeping people closer to home is our priority, which includes Niagara, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Burlington, and Brantford especially. This helps to cut down the amount of fossil fuel being burned, and makes no-shows and late arrivals less likely. This policy therefore benefits everybody, including casting and the productions.

Talent from any city are welcome to sign-up, as this policy is non-exclusive, and we will take on most talent from Southern Ontario, anyone who can be professional and will always get to a gig on time. Our vision is to acquire more, original, local people, and to have as many local talents on set as possible; however, the reality is that gigs can happen anywhere, at any time.


Think globally, and act locally, that’s fundamentally what this agency is all about. We don’t even use paper for the majority of our dealings with talent and productions, but stick to a digital interface. Paper receipts are available upon request.

Our registration system is state of the art, built exclusively for Hamilton Background members. It will automatically enter your information and head shots into the database, which will only be accessible by you, the administrator, and casting. Casting will have their own log-in, which will send them to a private page, where they can browse through head shots, or search for specific demands. Our security is top notch, so your personal information will be completely private.

Upon registering, and confirming your registration by means of the email you will receive, you will have your own private profile page, whereby you can upload additional head shots, update your information, and complete the additional information that you have the option to fill.

So welcome! We seek to make your experience smooth and happy, and are VERY fair, so if you have any problems or questions, we’ll always respond, even if it takes us a few days to do so….

As an agency, we take 10% + HST (whereas many other agencies charge 15%). E-transfers are preferred for commission, and all non-union cheques must be directed to us for processing. They will be released to you upon payment of 10% + HST commission in full.

378 Bay Street North
Hamilton, ON
L8L 1M7

Please note: As of May 23rd, 2016, a registration fee of $30 + HST ($33.90) will apply to all non-union applicants. Deferrals will only be available upon an individual basis. This fee ensures that the agency can continue to function during the ebbs and flows of the industry, between productions, and keeps us on call and available for you. Please remember that there can never be any guarantee for work, but that we are making our up most effort to acquire work for you. Casting is often quite specific in what they need.

We seek to be an EIC agency, and will abide by all rules and regulations enforced by ACTRA.

Hamilton Background (c) 2016